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God helps those who helps themselves

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About Us

The lack of access to credit for the poor is attributable to practical difficulties arising from the discrepancy between the mode of operation followed by financial institutions and the economic characteristics and financing needs of low-income households. For example, commercial lending institutions require that borrowers have a stable source of income out of which principal and interest can be paid back according to the agreed terms.

However, the income of many self employed households is not stable, regardless of its size. A large number of small loans are needed to serve the poor, but lenders prefer dealing with large loans in small numbers to minimize administration costs. They also look for collateral with a clear title - which many low-income households do not have. In addition bankers tend to consider low income households a bad risk imposing exceedingly high information monitoring costs on operation.

Help the Poor Help Themselves

The women set up self-help savings groups, move on to microfinance and loans, and then establish their own micro-enterprises; the government helps them identify opportunities and gives them training in areas like information technology and marketing.

If India can harness the vision and innovativeness of these curious bedfellows - from bureaucrats to women's trade union to millionaire property developer - then it may find a way to tackle poverty today, not in 20 years.

Our Mission and Vision

The Cell is mainly entrusted with the task of implementation of SGSY which aims at brining the rural BPL families of the district above the poverty line in a phased manner with the assistance of external facilitators like NGOs, Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Self Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) and active participation of Panchayat functionaries and Block officials through Self Help Groups and individual Swarojgaries providing them training, credit, technology, infrastructure, and?? marketing facilities.?? Apart from the above the Cell holds money for payment of benefit under NOAPS and NFBS.?? Funds for the above purpose are directly credited to the Bank Account?? of the Gram Panchayats and Municipalities.



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